House of representatives


The MP caucuses of political parties represented in the House of Representatives are set in the House of Representatives. 

The MP Caucuses are set as a form of activities of the Members of the House of Representatives (especially in relation to the preparations and defining of the draft agendas for the meetings of the House of Representatives). 

An MP Caucus is composed of at least three representatives from one or from several associated political parties, or non-attached representatives. 

An MP Caucus has its chair and deputy chair of the Caucus who coordinate the work and establish cooperation with other MP caucuses. 

The MP’ Caucuses may establish a coordination body for international cooperation. 

The House of Representatives provides premises for the work of the MP Caucuses, necessary funds for their direct activity in the House of Representatives, documents and other notifications related to the work of the House of Representatives, committees of the House of Representatives, official gazettes of the Federation and the official gazettes of Bosnia and Herzegovina and performance of administrative, technical, and other services.